Kay Stewart has been a practicing California landscape architect (#2967) since 1989. As a full-service landscape architect, Kay has helped over 300 homeowners plan personally satisfying and sustainable outdoor environments. Four of her projects have received regional awards. She provides consultation to agencies and groups on water conservation in the landscape, open space management, and wildlife refuge development.

Kay earned a BA and MA in biology. After ten years as a research technician, she became a Master Gardener, which turned out to be the first step toward a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture, and a career change. To become a registered landscape architect, she worked under a licensed landscape contractor, a swimming pool contractor, and five years for one of the most highly regarded landscape architectural firms in San Diego and then took the state-mandated exams to become registered. She has shared a small professional office in downtown San Diego with her husband, a building architect, since 1989.

Kay can be reached by email: